About This Report

Our goal with Slice Creative Network is to be able to provide potential Clients with the most talented and experienced creative freelancers working in the themed entertainment industry that we can. Over our years of operations, we have been made aware of ethical and notable negative work issues with several of our hosted Members and in good faith to our potential Clients, have not felt comfortable hosting them any longer. This reporting system exists to assist Clients as well as our Hosted Freelancers in choosing their work partners as confidently as possible.


If you or your company have experienced an issue with a current Slice Member, you may report it to us confidentially, here. All information entered will be seen ONLY by Melody Matheny, Founder of Slice Creative Network. This information is kept under the strictest confidentiality. If a Freelance Member has been reported 3 times by 3 different people or companies, they will be notified that they have received 3 reports (with precise information begin withheld), and they will be subsequently excluded from continuing membership in Slice Creative Network. SLICE Creative Network has the right to revoke or deny membership at any time for any reason. This information can be referenced on our Membership Application page, at: https://slicecreativenetwork.com/join-slice/.

If you’d like to check the Report Status of your Company, you may request the information through the “Report Status Request” form.

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