Slice literally helped me achieve my 13 year dream of working at Universal Creative. The speed networking events introduced me to some leaders in the industry, then a charity event led to coffee talks with said leaders, which led to a job at a design firm. Some time passed before I was recommended by Melody to join a fabrication company. These two skills, along with my 13 years of theme park operations experience led me to my dream career of working in the Studio portion of Universal Creative. I could not have done this without Slice’s dedication and attention to helping me fulfill my goals!
Addison Cavanaugh, Orlando, Florida
I’ve enjoyed participating in the SLICE Creative Network from day one, and it just keeps getting better. For creative people looking to be more involved with themed entertainment, I can’t imagine a better opportunity than SLICE. Attending these events will put you in the middle of engaging conversations with other friendly, professional people who understand and value creativity. For two years, I’ve served as the art director for the Car Masters Weekend at Downtown Disney, an opportunity I can credit directly to my participation in the SLICE Creative Network. And as a member of this unique group, I look forward to more opportunities like this in the future!
Adam Icenogle, Deland, FL
I have not actually been the recipient of a specific job or lead via Slice. I have been blessed to get SO MUCH MORE than that from this little group that I was (at first) reluctant (foolishly!) to join. When I go to the mixers and meet old friends, make new ones, hear what everyone else is doing (I am so cloistered in my little studio) I am reminded why I got into this business in the first place and why being a self employed freelance designer is the dream job of them all. The entire industry is our workplace, and all my favorite colleagues, past and present, and all those AMAZING new people just getting going are my co-workers! Slice reminds me of this, and keeps me enthused, delighted and always looking to the next new thing. I can never thank you enough.
Cindy White, Orlando, FL
Slice Creative Network is the conduit through which I’ve been able to make my dreams a reality. It really has been a game-changer for me! Through the awesome connections and wonderful people I’ve met through Slice, I’ve seen doors open and found opportunities I never even knew were possible. I only recently relocated to Orlando, and am now working on some of the biggest and coolest theme park projects in the world. This was all made possible through Slice, and I really can’t say enough about the talented, welcoming, and creative people I’ve been lucky enough to meet at the events. I’ll always be incredibly thankful for the opportunities Slice has given me, and proud to be affiliated with such a special group.
Joe Neugs, Orlando, FL
Joining Slice was a life changing event. Since becoming a member I have been hired by large corporations in the theme park and entertainment industry as a writer for exciting projects that are challenging and fun! I have been able to leave my salaried job to freelance full time, allowing me to spend more time at home with my family. The network of Slice professionals opened up a whole world of supportive, talented and creative people who are a joy to work with. The Slice Events, from workshops with other professionals to interviews with top companies, took me from freelance rookie to professional with my own company. Thank you Melody and thank you Slice!
Erin Pyne, Orlando, FL
I can honestly credit Slice for the majority of my scenic design opportunities with themed entertainment. One of my biggest dreams for my career was to design theme parks, but I had a hard time making the right connections. After going to the Slice Speed Networking Event, I was set up with multiple post event interviews. I landed a freelance gig with Universal Art and Design as a scenic designer for Halloween Horror Nights. It also helped me set up potential future work.
As a freelancer, I believe networking and being active within the themed entertainment community is one of the most important aspects of getting work. Slice is absolutely perfect for that. The mixers are great for meeting new people or catching up with old friends. I always have a wonderful time and am amazed at how comfortable all of the events have been. You don’t feel like you are selling yourself. You are just talking about your passions and connecting with similar minds.
I highly recommend Slice to anyone looking to work in the themed entertainment world.
Helen Ammon, Orlando, FL!portfolio

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