Mission Statement:

Slice Creative Network supports exceptional freelancers in the themed entertainment industry by matching their unique and specialized skills with global clients seeking to build the next generation of world-class entertainment experiences.

We are fostering a respectful community that enables creative freelancers to not only find work, but also grow their abilities and network by connecting and learning from each other.

Slice’s Purpose is to:

  1. Create a community of freelance creative professionals who serve unique clients with unique projects.
  2. Provide educational resources to freelancers to enhance their careers.
  3. Provide clients with free access to the best talent the themed entertainment industry has to offer.
  4. Connect freelancers with an ever evolving industry.
  5. Help clients and freelancers find people they love to work with.

Our Values:

  1. Cultivate a respectful, supportive community that inspires confidence.
  2. Inspire the next generation through our group’s unique knowledge and disciplines.
  3. Honor and recognize the creators of our industry.
  4. Foster an environment of creativity and productivity.