Helen Ammon

I can honestly credit Slice for the majority of my scenic design opportunities with themed entertainment. One of my biggest dreams for my career was to design theme parks, but I had a hard time making the right connections. After going to the Slice Speed Networking Event, I was set up with multiple post event interviews. I landed a freelance gig with Universal Art and Design as a scenic designer for Halloween Horror Nights. It also helped me set up potential future work.

As a freelancer, I believe networking and being active within the themed entertainment community is one of the most important aspects of getting work. Slice is absolutely perfect for that. The mixers are great for meeting new people or catching up with old friends. I always have a wonderful time and am amazed at how comfortable all of the events have been. You don’t feel like you are selling yourself. You are just talking about your passions and connecting with similar minds.

I highly recommend Slice to anyone looking to work in the themed entertainment world.