Grant Fowler


3D Modeler

Melbourne, FL

I am a seasoned 3D modeler with a decade of personal dedication to the craft, coupled with years of professional freelance experience.

As a self-taught 3D Modeler, I thrive on embracing innovative and unconventional methods that give me an edge when working with models that may not be possible using conventional techniques. This proactive approach not only allows me to overcome unique challenges, but also accelerates the process, leading to fast and exceptional results.

Throughout my time as a 3D modeler, I have worked with nearly every modeling software, with a preference for Fusion360 and Blender due to their ability to easily export into most other softwares. I also have experience in texturing softwares like Substance Painter.

In addition to my skillset as a 3D modeler, I also have a passion for theme park design. Thanks to my mother, a former Disney travel agent, I developed an appreciation for the attention to detail exhibited by Imagineers in their park designs at a young age. My formative years were dedicated to cultivating a mindset and skill set akin to that of an Imagineer, nurturing a deep-seated passion for creating immersive experiences.

I hope to use my skills and passion to help deliver outstanding results that resonate with your audiences.


  • 3D modeling
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Texture Design
  • AR/VR Experience Design
  • Mesh Editing
  • Product Design
  • Online Portfolio
  • 3D Modeler, Virtual or Augmented Reality Design
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