About Member Video Portfolios:

As a currently hosted Slice Freelance Member, you are welcome to voluntarily record and submit a video of you presenting your work.

This feature will benefit each participating Slice Member by allowing potential Clients to, in a sense, have a virtual interview with you at their own convenience. The Slice Board Members feel that this feature can help to elevate your presence and qualifications to potential Clients above other applicants. The Freelance Member is welcome to use this Video Portfolio to send to potential clients if they are applying for work.


  • Only 1 video is allowed per Member Profile.
  • Your video must be 5-8 minutes long.
  • This video will be attached to your Slice Profile as an icon and link (similar to the LinkedIn/Twitter/etc links), that will be publicly viewable on YouTube.
  • The final video file must be submitted in .mp4 format.

Instructions on how to complete your Member Video Portfolio:

Basic Format of Your Video MUST be as follows:

  1. Begin with your Name, title and website.
  2. Please reference what companies you have worked for in the past.
  3. Present your work.
  4. End with a mention of any other disciplines you work in, clubs or associations that you belong to that you feel are important to include, or any relevant hobbies.
  5. End with your name, your website address and/or how people can get in touch with you.

* If you’d like an example, you may visit our Board Member Colette Piceau’s Video Portfolio.

Example of How to Create a Video Portfolio

The following instructions include directions on how one of our Slice Board Members recorded their video, and these are her sugges4ons. You are allowed to create your video using whatever software and setup you are most comfortable with. The final video MUST be submitted in .mp4 format.

Powerpoint/Zoom Method:

  1. Make sure your powerpoint is open on your desktop but NOT in slideshow/full screen mode (if it’s full screen you won’t be able to change slides once you start the presentation)
  2. Go to Zoom.
  3. Click Host a Meeting
  4. From the drop down menu, choose “with video on”
  5. Open Zoom
  6. Click Unmute (don’t forget this step)
  7. Click Record
  8. Do your introduction
  9. When you’re ready to start your powerpoint, click Share Screen
  10. Click Desktop
  11. Click Share
  12. On your powerpoint, click start slide show
  13. I used my arrows to move through the powerpoint
  14. You can keep your image onscreen or remove it by clicking “more” and choosing hide video panel. You can also minimize the video panel.
  15. When I was ready to go back to my own image, I hit Stop Share.
  16. When you’re done, hit End and End mee4ng for all.
  17. Your recording will then convert.
  18. When it’s done, move the zoom mp4 to your desktop. You can then submit it on the Slice website.

    Video Submission Form