Are you a current or recent Student looking to join Slice? Please watch the video and/or read below!

Announcement for Students Applying to Slice from Slice Toolkit on Vimeo.

Most people want to know: Does Slice accept Students into the network? The fast answer is YES, but we have a lot more rules when it comes to accepting people who are just graduating.

Slice Creative Network was founded on the principle of providing qualified professional creative talent directly to themed entertainment companies who need freelance help on typically a project by project basis. By the time most Employers realize they need freelance help, they are already knee deep in projects and need someone they can count on to take their project and run with it. For that reason, our prerequisites for anyone applying to Slice include having not just a talent in their discipline but an exceptional talent and proven experiences in our industry. Employers usually want fast, efficient, and knowledgeable Freelancers and that is what we aim to provide.

Typically speaking, students do not yet have the proven experiences to qualify for Slice straight out of school. However, there are some of you out there who have extensive internship experiences and professional work that you can showcase in your portfolios straight out of school. In those cases, my Board Members and I would love to review your work to see if you’re eligible to join.

Even if you’re not ready to be a Member of Slice, we know how hard it is to break into the industry and the Board Members and I encourage anyone interested in working in themed entertainment to please join us at our online and in person events and on our social media networks, to meet our Slice Freelancers, find out what’s happening in our industry right now and get some tips and tricks from the masters themselves.

I hope this helps in figuring out if Slice is right for you, as you begin your new career journey!

If you have any questions or ideas, please email me at, I’d love to hear from you.