• LEADING CLIENTS TO YOU: Companies, firms and studios working in the themed entertainment industry have direct access to you and your work through

• ONLINE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Another way we are working on making it easier for Clients to find and hire you is through our Freelancer Showcase video portfolio interviews, which is an exclusive Slice Members only offering, and hosted by TETV network through channels like YouTube!

• INTERVIEWS: Slice provides an Annual Speed Networking Event that has a life-changing reputation for getting people amazing jobs and direct face-to-face connections with Creative Directors from major theme park companies and firms.

• EVENTS: Slice hosts many events throughout each year that help us to learn about our industry, the resources available to us, and to meet new people.

• RESOURCES: At Slice we’re always looking for ways to help each other. One way we are doing that this year is through our upcoming debut of the Slice Toolkit educational website which will feature workshops, lessons and lectures about the theme park industry made specifically for YOU.

• FRIENDS: SLICE is a community of like-minded creatives working in the same industry. We are not just coworkers, we are friends and a real community who help lift each other up. If you ever have questions, ideas or just need a sounding board of people who know what you’re going through, your fellow Slice Members are happy to help at a moment’s notice.


Annual Membership: $50