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WAG KIOSK at Prost Patio in Germany

From Route 60, turn onto Busch Gardens Blvd to the Employee Parking Lot.

When arriving to the security kiosk on the road, tell them you are working for the Entertainment Department for the Summer of Wonder event. For those of you with Badges, you may show them to the security guard if necessary.
Park anywhere in the Employee Parking Lot

• Once parked, walk through the Employee Security “Gate 3”. You will need to show your ID and give your name which will be on a list. (We will NOT BE RECEIVING ID Badges as previously stated. Your names will now be at the security gate on the days of your shifts.) If any additional info is needed, you are a contractor under Practical Imagination for the Summer of Wonder event. If for any reason you need to reference a BGW Employee, reference Ben DeWitt, VP of the Entertainment Department as our point of contact.
• If you cannot get in for any reason, please text or call Melody Matheny at 407-489-6244.
• Use the map below to walk to the Prost Patio in the Germany pavilion, which is WAG’s Kiosk, or what we call socially “WAG Central”! Click HERE for a higher resolution version.

Walking Map

Please wear whatever respectful clothing you’d like to. Nothing vulgar, political or offensive in any way. You are encouraged to wear your own company’s shirts/hats/etc if applicable.

All pricing was determined by WAG as a group. BGW will charge 30% commission on all sales, so WAG prices have been adjusted to accommodate that.

PRICE #1: $50
PRICE #2: $150
PRICE #3: $300
PRICE #4: $600
PRICE #5: $1200

Art Kiosk: When someone wants to make a purchase, they will go to the DerMarket Platz Gift Shop and inform the Cashier that they are purchasing a piece of artwork, and the color code associated with the one they want. (See Artwork Pricing chart above). The Guest will then pay there and bring you back the receipt to show proof of purchase. Then you can either give the Guest your artwork there or the Guest can choose to pick it up at the front of the park within 2 hours of the receipt. If they choose that, please bring your artwork to the DerMarket Platz Gift Shop and they will take it from there.

For Art Kiosk workers: If you sell pieces, please write down the following information immediately in the WAG Log Book at the Kiosk. THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT.
1. how much you sold for
2. who’s piece of art it was
3. the date


Plein Air: If your Guest wants to purchase off the easel, they will go to the nearest Gift Shop to your Plein Air location and do the same process as above. If you sell a piece in this manner, PLEASE email Melody that day to inform of how much it sold for so I can keep a record and compare with Busch’s records, OR please write it down in the Art Kiosk WAG Log Book before you leave the park. This is of utmost importance.

BGW will allow us to store WAG supplies in this lockable shed at Prost Patio during off hours. We have begun creating space in the FAR RIGHT portion of the shed behind the red doors. We have WAG things on the shelves on the left and on the floor on the right.

WAG Art Kiosk Team Leader

Laurie Rokutani



Sign up for a Plein Air painting spot in 1 of 4 areas at Busch Gardens. 4 hour shifts.
Locations: San Marco Garden, Prost Patio, Scotland Path, or Caribou Pottery Porch.

Team Leader: Janet Price


Located at Prost Patio, these letters will be provided by BGW and you are welcome to paint these as a community during your working shift at the WAG Kiosk. This will arrive on site at Prost Patio by Friday morning.

Team Leader: Kathie Fry


Located at Prost Patio, you’re welcome to contribute to the community mural yourself and/or guide others as they begin to fill the canvas throughout the run of the event with fingerprint flowers, using either the ink pads or paint pens provided.

Team Leader: Amy Muskus

Children’s Coloring Sheets

Coloring Sheets will be printed by BGW each week per WAG’s guidance and provided at the WAG Kiosk. Guests can sit at the picnic tables and enjoy coloring and taking a little break from the summer heat. See Coloring Sheets below.

Team Leader: Sharon Parker

Coloring Sheets

Our Coloring Sheets for the Prost Patio!

Busch Gardens Williamsburg


If you’ve signed up for a Plein Air Painting shift, this info is for you!

  • Bring your own supplies
  • You’re welcome to use a cart or other device to transport your supplies throughout the park
  • Upon arriving for your shift, you may choose 1 of the 4 painting locations and head straight there.
  • You will be able to store your supplies at Prost Patio in Germany if you choose.
  • If painting on concrete, please use a drop cloth if you foresee any spillage.

Request Forms


Request a Drive On Pass

Do you need to transport supplies with a vehicle to the Prost Patio site? Please submit this form to request a Drive On Pass.

Once received, you will follow THIS ROUTE to drive through the park during OFF HOURS ONLY to reach your destination. The Security Department leaves all employee driving access gates OPEN during off hours. So the rule is: if the gate is open, you are allowed to drive in. If the gate is closed, your vehicle must stay in the “Back of House”/behind the scenes.

Request More Activity Sheets

Do we need more Activity Sheets printed? Submit the request by Wednesday of each week to be prepared for the WAG Kiosk by Friday.

Print will be delivered to the WAG Kiosk or available for pickup at the Entertainment Dept. Office.

If you need to send a new file to be printed, please email melody@slicecreativenetwork.com.

Legal Agreements

Each WAG Member needs to download, fill these agreements out and email to Melody Matheny at melody@slicecreativenetwork.com prior to beginning your shift at Busch Gardens.

Request Payment


Requesting Payment
Please submit a Request for Payment using the form on the left for each month you are working.

Requests should be submitted by:
• For shifts completed between June 15 – 24: submit request by Monday June 24th
• For shifts completed between June 25 – July 15: submit request by Monday July 15th
• For shifts completed between July 15 – August 11: submit request by Monday August 12th

Payment Schedule
Payments will be issued once a month on the following dates:
• Wednesday June 26th
• Wednesday July 17th
• Wednesday August 14th

Payment Process
If this form malfunctions, please submit Payment preference to Melody Matheny at melody@slicecreativenetwork.com


Faces to know!

Melody Matheny
Event Producer
Slice Creative Network

Andrew Curran
Practical Imagination

Ben DeWitt
Vice President
BGW Entertainment

Laurie Rokutani

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